Inspired by Nastro Bello artisan, Allison Stackpole, this is definitely not her first rodeo. 

As our lead designer, Stackpole is a seasoned jewelry artist.  Her lariat-style designs are recognized under various branded collections throughout the world, from Nastro Bello Jewelry to her 2012 launch of Blo Vintage and of course her honorary Nero Bello Collection, an exclusive line of coal jewelry to honor and commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Titanic. 

Stackpole brings today her newest accessory line, Rodeo Lace. These custom boot cuffs offer a fun, whimsical accessory for the boot-wearer. Rodeo Lace are handcrafted, adorned with vintage lace and ribbon, burlap and twine. Each pair brings the comfort of a boot liner without the discomfort of a sock or leg warmer.